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    As a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a degree in Visual Communications, I've had the good fortune of working in a variety of creative positions throughout my career. Freelancing has also been an integral part of my personal and professional growth for many years. I'm all about working hard, yet efficiently to deliver effective design with a positive attitude.

    My Skillset

    I work well under pressure and can produce high-quality work in short periods of time. Was once told I have design skills of a chameleon, still not sure what that means but I'll throw it out there. I encompass a commitment to making every project an enjoyable experience with the determination to exceed expectations.  

    My Passions

    Outside of the office, I'm always up for a fun adventure. I enjoy live music, surrounding myself with good people and admiring the natural beauty around us. Work hard, play hard and do everything in moderation.

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